RIP Resistance Repair

Resistance Repair closed for business permanently on August 15, 2000.

A family-owned Berkeley business, Resistance Repair serviced high quality, component-grade audio and video equipment for thirty years. As consumer electronics became commodity items whose sole criterion was low price, the equipment was increasingly engineered for manufacture--with zero thought given to repairability. Manufacturers soon found it easier to replace, rather than repair, equipment that failed while under warranty. Because of this policy, after-warranty support such as parts and service information became difficult, and in some cases, impossible to obtain. In short, over the last few years, it became impossible to provide the conscientious, professional service on which we built our reputation.

We wish to thank our thousands of loyal customers, some of whom sent sympathy cards, condolences via email, brought us going-away gifts, and especially the dear folks who left weeping goodbye messages on our answering machine. We will miss you all. Thirty years is a long time.

We unqualifiedly recommend The Sound Well on University Avenue in Berkeley for repair and service of audio components. We worked closely with The Sound Well for twenty years, and trust them to provide the same honest, professional service you received at Resistance Repair.

Note that as of late 2010 The Sound Well is operating in small mode and not offering much repair work to the general public. The technical bench work is mostly for repairing and restoring the vintage components that are going up for sale. If you contact The Sound Well you can receive referalls to fix the items you have and some advice as to whether it's worth pursuing repair on them.

So long....

Cynthia Campbell
Aaron Campbell
Joe Campbell