We no longer take in outside repairs.
We are focusing on restoring our own vintage items for resale.


Our full time technician has retired and our hours on the tech bench are limited. Below is a list of other shops that may be able to help you with things we no longer fix. We are happy to consult (preferably by phone) as to which shop may be the best place to take your repairs-or if it's even worth it. We often will have for sale similar vintage gear for the same or even less than what a full scale repair might cost!

In general we like all the people on this list but every shop has its favorite gear! It's best to contact them directly for rates and type of gear serviced.

Another word of advice: While we still love this vintage gear much of it is now getting to be 35-40 years old or more. Nothing lasts forever and many of the older sets are starting to have quirky, unfixable issues they weren't having when they were 15 or even 20 years old. While the Japanese Manufacturers are great about using a lot of common, generic parts often these repair parts are no longer available. Mechanical devices such as CD players and Cassette Decks are usually not economcially feasable to fix!


Gene's Sound Service

House Calls only, based in San Francisco but works most of the Bay Area. He does charge for travel time but in our opinion is very reasonable. He will fix a lot of things many shops won't touch and we are amazed at what he can fix on your kitchen table. Gene knows his stuff and is trustworthy to let into your home!






Handy Electronics Service


He runs one of the last of the one man shops. He works mostly on video components but is very knowledgeable and skilled in consumer electronics. He may not be our first choice for working on complex, higher end audiophile gear with quirky problems but Ying can do a good job on most of it!




Willy Herman Services in Orinda

Services select Nakamichi tape decks ONLY.


Willy is the former owner/partner of DB Audio and SF Stereo. He is a true gentleman and does great work on a few specific items that are his specialty.






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